Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Notes for Nourishment" Concert in San Jose, April 20th, 7pm

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presents a

Cross-Cultural Music Concert

Wednesday April 20th, 2011 at 7pm

St Leo the Great
88 Race Street, San Jose, CA 95126 [map]

  • Donna Stoering, internationally renowned concert pianist, will play works by Rachmaninov, Chopin, and San Jose-based world music composer Brent Heisinger.
  • Three cellists (Ellen Sanders, Gerald Miller, and Graham Nelson) from the San José Chamber Orchestra will join Ms. Stoering (piano) in playing "Requiem" by David Popper.
  • The Listen for Life Chorale  conducted by Ms. Stoering, will perform several short contemporary sacred works and then conclude the evening with "Service of Darkness" by Dale Wood, a haunting and powerful contemporary setting of the Seven last Words (Tenebrae) which will have spoken meditations by Fr. Marcelo Navarro, IVE before each of the 7 short pieces.  

[St Leo the Great] The concert is a Listen for Life  "Notes for Nourishment" event hosted by: St Leo the Great parish, 88 Race St, San Jose, California 95126, and will take place in the church but is FREE and open to the public of all faiths, cultures and demographics

[St Vincent de Paul logo] Donations will be collected to benefit the work of the St Vincent de Paul Society services in the neighborhood of the church.

Please make any checks payable to St. Leo the Great.

[Concert program cover] The concert program is available for download and printing; please click on the thumbnail image to the left for the full PDF file (1.5MB).

[Donna Stoering]
Donna Stoering is an internationally known concert pianist and singer, and Grammy award nominee, and has been an artistic ambassador for both the USA and Great Britain. Donna is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Listen for Life Foundation.

[Listen for Life Chorale]
A new choir formed from singers across California, from Santa Cruz to Sacramento to Berkeley:

Andy Anderson
Don Borges
Bernadette Breen
Liz Calame
Jenny Griffin
John Kevin Harcharik
Catherine Heck
Sarah Klauer
Sara Moravej
Erin Stokes Oliver

Conductor / Accompanist:
Donna Stoering

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The three guest cellists:

Ellen Sanders
Gerald Miller
Graham Nelson

appear by courtesy of the
San Jose Chamber Orchestra and its director, 
Barbara Day Turner.


Audio and video recordings were made of this April 20th concert, 
and excerpts will be posted on this page as soon as editing is completed.
 Thank you for your patience!

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1 comment:

  1. Donna,

    I only talked with you briefly at the Summit, but your subject intrigued me, since, although I can't play a single instrument, I love listening to them…especially those that inform me of a different time or place. What better way to appreciate the wonderful variation of humanity!

    So one of the first things that I did when I got back to the office was go to your site. I LOVED the instrument petting zoo! What a great idea!

    Are you familiar with YoYoMa's cd "Silk Road"? It featured many strange instruments that produced such exotic sounds. Unfortunately, I loaned it out and lost it.

    Note: Before my first trip to Italy, I played Italian music non-stop…I couldn't wait to get to hear those wonderful Neopolitan street songs that surely filled the Italian air. But every bar, restaurant and cab played American rock music. Not a mandolin or concertina to be had. They think that that is what we want to hear. How sad!

    Terry B