Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Musicians Around the World: Create Multicultural Concerts on January 8th 2012!

Musicians Around the World: 
Take the Listen for Life Challenge! 
Create Multicultural Concerts on January 8th 2012!
On January 8, 2012, Carnegie Hall in New York 
will experience the 
"Power of 8"
8 musicians 
representing 8 cultures, 
playing a total of 8 instruments, 
at 8 pm on January 8th.
We would like the Carnegie Hall concert to be the centerpiece event and launch of a global movement, inspiring musicians worldwide to seek out performers of other cultures in their community and invite them to join in giving multicultural concert together on January 8th as well. We would love for January 8th to become known as Multicultural Music Day worldwide as a celebration of music's power to be a positive channel of cross-cultural communication and a unifying force for peace. 
We are now challenging musicians worldwide to give multicultural concerts for peace on the same day (January 8th, 2012) in local venues all around the world!
Team up with instrumentalists of other cultures and play simple, inexpensive concerts open to a broad audience!
Please send us videos/photos made at the concerts, so we can create a film about music being celebrated as a true channel of cross-cultural communication all around the world!
Please write to us about your concert plans to musicaroundtheworld@listenforlife.org, so we can show in how many places around the world peace will be celebrated on that day!
Let's restore music as a unifying force throughout the world!

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