Monday, December 5, 2011

VOTE for Listen for Life's entry in the Pepsi Refresh Project!

Our Pepsi Refresh Project idea

is up for voting at the Pepsi Refresh Project!

So….what is this project about?
Well, it is connected to our OTHER breaking news!

Most of you hopefully know by now that Listen for Life is doing its first annual NY concert, at Carnegie Hall at 8pm on Sunday January 8th, 2012.

BUT we have also decided to make our Carnegie Hall event the centerpiece of a Listen for Life Multicultural Music Day worldwide, and we are inviting ALL musicians, of any and all genres, to gather your fellow performers from different cultures, and create simple cross-cultural concerts in your own communities on January 8th as a way to raise awareness not only of our global family and mission, but of the POWER of cross-cultural music as a source of nourishment, understanding and peace in the coming year.

So if you are a musician or you know some musicians, please invite them to participate with us, anywhere they happen to be, on January 8th ! And even if you are not a musician, do please VOTE in the Pepsi Refresh project for us, so that we can spread the message and also gather footage from all of the different concerts that are already taking shape around the planet for that day. Obviously, it is not just about one day – it is about the goal of inspiring musicians while helping listeners to discover all the great sounds and music styles that can make the coming year an even more enriching musical experience.

And for you non-musicians and music-listeners out there, we are excited that you can have an opportunity to benefit from our Carnegie event, even if you can’t be with us!


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