Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Donna Stoering's recent Interviews

Donna has been giving interviews (on the radio and streaming-media stations) regarding her upcoming book "Change Your Music Change Your Life". Here are links to some recent ones:

- Sunday Aug 28th 1pm PDT, KSTE (Sacramento) - online stream HERE.
- Sunday Aug 28th 9pm PDT, FCCFreeRadio, online stream HERE.
- Monday Aug 29th 10:20am PDT Voices on the Net [postponed due to Irene]
- Monday Aug 29th 3:55pm PDT BBS Radio - Dresser After Dark
- Tuesday Aug 30th 9am PDT Everyday Wisdom for Families
Monday September 12th, "Voices on the Net", now available as a video podcast!
Tuesday Oct 4th at 1pm PDT,  on "Lena Live" BBS Radio. More...

If YOU have experienced a change in your life brought about by changing the type of music that you listen to, please email Donna at cymcyl-stories@listenforlife.org.
She would love to hear your story, and possibly include part of it in her forthcoming book
"Change Your Music, Change Your Life".

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